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Our Values

At Sarabeth Bridal, we believe that

* your wedding dress is an elevated extension of your own personal style!

* falling in love with a wedding dress should be a fun and memorable experience!

* there is no mold that your wedding has to fit into - make the day, and the dress, perfectly YOU!


We also believe that

* dresses should not only look beautiful on the outside; they should be made well on the inside!

* our close partnerships with our designers are an important part of delivering the best experience possible for our brides!

wedding dress and bridal shop interior
Sarabeth Bridal owner and daughters

Meet the Owner

Hello, I’m Monica!

I've raised my daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth (they are the shop's namesakes) to follow their passions, with a dose of practicality of course, but realized that I hadn't been doing that myself.  So, in 2010, I set about making some changes!  My background is in fashion design and runway styling, and I'm a big ol' geek about fancy dresses and fabrics!  Throw in some updated design skills and some business classes, and a new business idea was formed.  All that experience goes into helping you find and fall in love with a dress for your special day, whether you love it just as is, or if we design customizations together to make your wedding dress exactly what you've been dreaming of!  It also makes me exceptionally picky about the dresses I choose for the shop, and the design houses we work with.  A dress can't just be pretty - it has to be backed up by a quality company that values me and my brides as more than just a number!

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