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I know wedding dress shopping can seem intimidating at first, but I want you to have a fun and relaxing experience at Sarabeth Bridal. You’ll be in safe hands here, and I’m here to answer any questions you might have as you plan your dream wedding. Here are some answers to common questions to help you get started.

  • When should I start shopping for my dress?
    I recommend shopping for your wedding dress soon after you choose your wedding date and venue. Most gowns take 4-6 months to arrive from the date you order the dress. To give yourself a stress-free experience and to avoid rush fees, it's best to start shopping 9-12 months before your wedding. Even if your wedding date isn’t that far away, there are still lots of options that can be ready in time for your wedding. Many popular gowns are in stock with the designers so they can ship sooner, and other gowns may be able to be rushed with a small fee. We can also discuss gowns that may be available off-the-rack for your big day!
  • Why should I order a wedding dress from a boutique rather than online?
    With rare exception, most bridal brands do not allow their gowns to be sold online. Designers protect their quality and the value of the shopping experience by selling only through bridal boutiques. Most online offerings wind up being poorly made copies of designer gowns that only disappoint in quality and fit. I've worked with too many heartbroken brides trying to find last minute replacements for these gowns, and I simply can't endorse them. Whether you find your dream dress with me at Sarabeth Bridal, or at another boutique, there is no substitute for the attention, experience, and service you will receive when shopping locally.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. Every appointment at Sarabeth Bridal is private - your time in the shop is reserved just for you and your trusted entourage. Since I’m not always available to answer the phone, you can book your appointment online at your convenience. Same day appointments cannot be booked online, so please call or text to see what availability is. I will return calls and texts as soon as I’m able.
  • Who should I bring to my appointment?
    Bring your ride-or-die crew, the people whose opinions really matter to you! We can accommodate 5-6 adults comfortably - if you’d like to bring more, please let us know so we can arrange extra seating. Please leave young children at home if possible. They bore easily, and distract attention from the bride, who should be the center of attention at her appointment!
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    Please bring any support garments you might consider wearing with your wedding dress - strapless bras, shapewear, etc. Please remember that gowns may be tried on by other brides, so for their hygiene and yours, I ask that you kindly remember to wear underwear for your appointment.
  • How much do gowns cost at Sarabeth Bridal?
    Most of the bridal gowns at Sarabeth Bridal are in the $1,400-$3,200 price range.
  • What sizes do you carry?
    Samples in the shop range in size from 8-24. Most can be ordered in standardized sizes 0-32, but all gowns can be ordered with custom measurements, without limits. I strive to have a variety of sizes in my sample gowns, but not all gowns are available to try in all sizes. I can do a lot to help you envision the fit, even if the gown in the shop isn't quite the right size. Please keep in mind that bridal sizing is different, and you will always find your best fit in a gown that is larger than your everyday clothing size.
  • What about alterations?
    Because dresses are standardized and people are not, nearly every wedding gown will need some fine tuning to achieve the perfect fit, even those ordered with custom measurements. Sarabeth Bridal does not have in-house alterations, but I do have a list of local seamstresses for you who are experts with bridal alterations.
  • I want to find accessories for a dress I already have. Am I allowed to bring it in to the shop?
    Absolutely! It’s much easier to help a bride find the right additions to her gown when she can try everything on together. Please send me an email or a text letting me know you’d like to book an accessories appointment, and I’ll help you pull together your whole wedding day ensemble.
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